The International Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist

Countries: Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain


Sales in Technology
Account Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Pre-Sales Architect, Pre-Sales Manager

Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Enterprise Architect

Partner, Senior Manager, Director, CIO, CTO, Digital Transformation Manager


Interim Talent Acquisition
Hire one of our recruiters internally on a project with hourly rate
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Outsource your full recruitment department, pay per month + bonus for filled roles
Headhunting Services
Pay % of annual salary of hired candidate with no cure no pay
List of candidates for you to approach
Interim Technology Experts
We find and deliver engineers, take care of the contracts and payments.

We specialize in:
Diversity & Inclusion – Sourcing Techs – Hiring Strategy – Niches and Exotic hires

We are picky when it comes to selecting our customers. We only work with companies that are committed and have the right core values.

Some of our clients


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